The Proposal EP

Dan is an original artist with over 15 years working in the music industry as a session guitarist and producer.

Dan's debut EP - The Proposal - was released in October 2012 and features the song he wrote when he proposed to his wife, Suzanna. The songs speak of the first chapter of their journey together and include the tale of an epic winter's night walk by the river in Watched By A Dove, as well as the lighthearted and fun yet poignant, Not Another Douchebag (which we must warn you - will get stuck in your head when you listen to it!).

The Proposal is available to purchase on iTunes.


Dan Storey - Session Guitarist

Dan has been working as a session guitarist for many years now and is well respected among fellow musicians.

Aside from just being an incredibly accomplished guitarist in most styles, Dan's strength also lies in his ability to pick up and learn music by ear very quickly, saving precious moments in rehearsal and recording situations where time is very often of the essence.

In addition to this, Dan's broader musical knowledge and experience makes him a great musical director who has directed bands on two UK tours.

Sessions include Tinie Tempah, Alesha Dixon, Chipmunk and Roxanne Emery


Storey Studios

Dan has been working as a music producer for over ten years and heads up his own studio business. Storey Studios is a home based production studio where you can come and get your tracks fully produced in virtually any style to a professional standard. To find out more about Dan as a producer and Storey Studios please visit